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Kelly LOCK

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TUSCOLA — Dogs in Tuscola will have a place of their own beginning this year.

A dog park — a project that was postponed last year due to higher COVID-19-related costs — will be completed when weather allows.

City Administrator Drew Hoel said he will ask the city council to approve a contract with Main Street Construction for $50,740 to build the park on the north end of Ervin Park.

The original bid was for about $10,000 less, but costs have risen significantly, Hoel said.

The board “actually approved some time ago the concept,” Hoel said. “This is just approving the fencing with some new pricing.

“Like everything, the cost of materials has gone up, and availability” of materials has been a problem.

Little doggies can get along on one side of the dog park, and bigger doggies on the other.

The park, which will span 170 feet by 170 feet, will be separated by a fence in the middle to keep the different-sized pooches apart.

The dog park idea gained traction as a result of a $50,000 donation from the estate of the late Kelly Lock.

“She was a young woman who passed away a few years ago,” Hoel said. “Her mother, Linda, donated a portion of her estate.

Hoel said a dog park was something Ms. Lock wanted to see accomplished.

“There’s a group called Hands-4-Paws who work with animal control people and help with the shelter,” Hoel said. “She was an active member of that.”

Ms. Lock, who died at age 47, also owned a couple of paint horses and enjoyed trail riding.

Construction on the dog park is expected to start when better weather arrives.

Hoel said the city is likely to add additional amenities to the dog park such as play structures and water fountains.

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