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I’m in the last stage of my three-week quarantine before I can enter my campus in Haining, China. The final week is “home quarantine,” where you mostly stay home, promise to avoid crowds and then get a COVID-19 test at the end.

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Every athlete dreams of seeing themselves in a video game. That dream is a reality for Oakwood native Bobby Pierce, a playable driver in the newly-released "World of Outlaws Dirt Racing."

Katie Snyder writes: The Museum of the Grand Prairie is honored to collaborate with Community Coalition/Walk as One to record oral histories of the local Champaign County Black community in a project called “Revisiting Your Legacy.”

I’m in my second quarantine hotel in Jiaxing, China. It’s quite nice, but I’m on to my third tomorrow. Each move brings me closer to my final destination, the campus where I teach in Haining.

'I'm just stunned and honored and overwhelmed. I've sent it to some of my family, and they say Do I have to call you Dr. now?'

Of taking a break in counting ballots, Clerk and Recorder Aaron Ammons said: "First, administering an election is a grueling and exhausting process and the staff is taking advantage of the time off. Second, like so many others who want to honor our veterans, my staff and I are taking the time to honor our family members and friends who are veterans."