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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a good number of Rudy Frasca’s family and friends were unable to attend the innovator’s funeral on Tuesday in Urbana.

Afterward, however, everyone had the chance to see what made Rudy so proud of the company that he built.

Lined along Airport Road in Urbana were the classic airplanes that played such an integral part of Rudy’s life.

“My father’s passion were these airplanes,” said his son, Tom. “He loved the history of them.”

A parade of well-wishers — in about 100 vehicles — passed by the display around 3 p.m. Tuesday to pay tribute to the founder of Frasca International, who died May 11 at the age of 89. Some got out and took pictures of planes that Rudy either flew in or loaned out for movies like “Tora, Tora, Tora,” “1941” and “The Battle of Midway.”

Rudy had eight children, 18 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The family was appreciative of the turnout, which beat an afternoon rainstorm by minutes.

“Since we couldn’t have a service, this is our chance to show off our father one more time,” Tom said. “We were very proud of our him.”