The University of Illinois interim vice chancellor for research talks about her experience as a woman in STEM, efforts to curb sexual harassment on campus and her work with national organizations to stop universities from simply 'passing the harasser' on to other schools.

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With debate No. 3 in the books and the crowded field of Democratic presidential hopefuls about to dwindle, we convened a panel of political junkies from both sides of the aisle and asked: What campaign advice would you give the candidates if asked?

If past was prologue, a group of ambitious Republicans in the 15th District would have been lining up to announce their candidacies for a relatively rare open U.S. House seat. But a funny thing has happened — virtually nothing.

The Fithian-area farmer who was appointed to the 104th Illinois House District seat a year ago and won election to it in November announced Thursday that he will file in November to run for re-election as a state representative so he can have more time with his family and help out with the family farm.