Pritzker: “We've seen the effects of climate change, right here in Illinois, repeatedly in the last two-and-a-half years alone. A polar vortex, devastating floods, microbursts that destroy buildings, record lake levels, extreme heat and emergency declarations in more than a third of Illinois counties.”

Expressing concern that ISBE might have overstepped its bounds by threatening to withhold funding from school districts that do not enforce its mask mandate, a legislative panel urged the agency to put its policies into formal rules.

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The hike will bring Savoy in line with the 9 percent sales tax that Champaign, Urbana and Rantoul have. Village administrators estimate it will generate $1 million annually.

"Mayor Marlin skillfully worked the NAACP's 10 Shared Principles into the policy, demonstrating collaboration on problem solving with community organizations and finally addressing de-escalation," the NAACP's Minnie Pearson writes. "This all bodes well for building mutual respect and trust between communities of color and the Urbana Police Department."