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COLLINSVILLE — Ameren Illinois plans to lower its power-delivery charges a bit starting next year.

The Illinois Commerce Commission approved an overall reduction of $7.05 million in Ameren’s electric-delivery services, the utility announced Tuesday.

The reduction should save the typical residential power-delivery customer about $1.13 a month starting in January, the utility said.

Monthly bills are projected to go down more for Ameren customers who buy both power delivery and supply from the utility.

The delivery reduction and a previously announced 5 percent drop in the cost of electricity supply will lower those Ameren power bills next year by about 20 percent below the national average, according to Ameren.

Most Champaign and Urbana residents aren’t Ameren power-supply customers.

But Ameren does deliver power for those customers who are buying their electric power supply elsewhere.

Both cities contract for bulk purchasing of electricity supply for their residents and offer an opt-out option for those who want to shop around on their own.

Most residential customers in Champaign and Urbana stick with the deals they get through municipal electric aggregation contracts, accord-ing to public works de-partments in both cities.

Champaign contracts with Constellation New Energy and supply rates under that contract are fixed through the July 2021 billing cycle.

Urbana has a contract with Homefield Energy for which rates are locked in through December 2020.

The ICC Ameren delivery services order announced Tuesday marked the sixth delivery rate drop since 2011, when the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act, or Smart Grid Bill, was passed. Ameren’s delivery rates went up for the current year.

The delivery rate increase for 2019 was projected to increase the power delivery charge for a typical residential customer by $4.50 a month.

“Today’s ICC order provides the resources needed to continue building a cleaner, greener, more resilient grid while keeping customer rates in check,” said Ameren Illinois Chairman and President Richard Mark. “Better energy reliability is a critical factor that can drive economic development and job creation in communities across our territory.”

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