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It will be 2020 when state lawmakers reconvene for business in Springfield. Now that they’re back in their home districts for the year, here’s a look back at some of the highs and lows of a six-day veto session that brought good news for overworked pharmacists (no more 12-hour shifts) and not-so-good news for rules-breaking politicians (an ethics commission is on the way):


1. Diners worried about the couple at the next table lighting up a joint for dessert. Upon further review, the recrecreational marijuana bill was rewrittem to prohibit pot at public places where food and/or drinks are sold.

2. Drivers with stacks of unpaid parking tickets. No longer can 10 of them — or five toll violations — lead to your license getting suspended, thanks to a bill championed by local Democrat Carol Ammons (right).

3. College ADs. So much for fears that legislators would pass a bill allowing athletes to be paid for the use of their name/likeness before the NCAA got around to it. This issue isn’t dead, though — expect Round 2 to come early next year.


1. The it’s-too-dark-out-at-5 p.m. crowd. A push to make Daylight Savings Time permanent garnered support in the Senate but didn’t catch on in the House.

2. Red-light runners. Those controversial cameras, typically installed in metal boxes attached to poles at intersections, are here to stay — at least for now — after never coming up for a floor vote in the Senate.

3. Greedy insurance companies. Gov. J.B. Pritzker says he’ll happily sign the measure that caps at $100 the price diabetics in state-regulated commercial insurance plans pay out of pocket for a 30-day supply..JEFF D’ALESSIO