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MANSFIELD — A major portion of Mansfield will get new water mains as part of a $970,000 replacement project.

The new mains will be installed in about two-thirds of the community. Project manager Tom Overmyer of the Fehr Graham engineering firm of Champaign said the majority of the mains are south of U.S. 150.

Overmyer said certain parts of town have experienced more water-main breaks than others.

“Newton Street is a major focus, both on the east and west part, and South Street, west of Washington,” he said. “They were having three or four (breaks) a year. They’ve had a pretty long history ... of breaks.”

Overmyer said Newton Street has “amassed probably 10 breaks ... east of Washington. It’s in pretty bad shape.”

He said Cross Construction will start as soon as the weather permits, provided all of the loan prep work is completed.

The cast-iron mains will be replaced with PVC pipes ranging in diameter from 6 to 8 inches.

Mayor Andy Stiger said the village has been discussing the water-main project for several years. The village is borrowing about $570,000 to be paid back at 1 percent interest over 30 years.

Stiger said there may be “short periods” when the water is shut off to certain neighborhoods during the project.

“Our customers will be notified many days in advance so they can prepare for short-term water shutoff,” Stiger said.

He said the project should be complete by the end of the 2021 construction season.

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