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SIDNEY — Chickens can stay in Sidney, the village board has decided.

The board reversed course from October when it voted to prohibit the raising of the fowl in the community.

Those who own chickens had until the end of the year to get rid of them.

But after hearing from about 10 residents Monday night, all of whom said not allowing the birds would be a most fowl action, trustees rescinded their vote and said chickens would be allowed to stay.

About 25 members of the public attended the meeting — the first held in the town’s new community building.

“The board voted last night to repeal the ordinance we passed last month and to sit down and basically work out a common ground for allowing them and (decide) on what regulations everyone can agree on,” Board President Jason Arrasmith said.

He said among the comments in favor of allowing chickens were that many people thought of them as pets — “more like a cat or dog.”

“A few people spoke about having fresh eggs and (using) the droppings for fertilizer,” Arrasmith said.

At its December meeting, the board is expected to discuss regulations for chickens, including the size of pens and how many of the birds will be allowed.

In other business, the board learned it will be unable to apply for a state grant to build a sewer system.

The village currently has a septic system.

Arrasmith said the state is offering “up to $5 million per grant; also another $30,000 grant to help pay” for the engineering.

He said the village “is actually ahead of the game. We went through the planning and engineering about 10 years ago” for a sewer system, but voters nixed the proposal.

Arrasmith said the board learned it was too late to meet all the necessary regulations this time.

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