Crystal Lake geese2

The Urbana Park District board is set to discuss a 'charity harvest' of geese at Crystal Lake Park.

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URBANA — The fate of dozens of pesky geese at Urbana’s Crystal Lake Park may be known next week.

The park district board will discuss and could vote on what’s known as a charity harvest: state and federal officials coming to the park this summer, collecting some of the roughly 80 geese, taking them to a facility to be humanely killed, then donating the meat to a food bank.

Officials are considering the move after years of efforts to cull the population of the nuisance animal have only had modest results.

The talks also come as the park district is in the middle of a multimillion-dollar project to improve Crystal Lake Park.

Ahead of Tuesday’s park board meeting, the park district on Friday released results from a resident survey on the issue.

Of 570 respondents, around two-thirds said they observed goose concerns, such as feces, noise and the animals being aggressive.

Residents were also asked if they support a charity harvest on a scale of 0 to 100. The average score was 64.