High Cross Road from Airport Road to one-quarter of a mile south of Airport Road reopened Tuesday, according to the Champaign County Highway Department.

The latest on a long-anticipated bridge upgrade, Champaign Unit 4’s use of pandemic-related grant funding, and both good and disappointing news about flights at Willard Airport. Also, if you’ve gone to a movie lately and felt a little creeped-out in the parking lot, we’ll illuminate you on plans to fix that.

From townie taverns to inconsiderate drivers to never-ending road closures to delayed election results, Kathy Reiser has us covered on Thanksgiving weekend.

The Latest

All-electric trucks in town, how Orchard Downs helped lure Dick Butkus, dying trees, interstate signs, the highest point in Champaign County, converting old video tapes to digital, Milkman Danny Clark, the county's longest-lived person and much, much more.

Some wiseguy has installed a homemade sign amid the snow-covered daffodil and hyacinth. It says: "Future Site of Golden Corral." In case anyone in the neighborhood was alarmed, the sign is an April Fool's joke, I believe.

The big skull at Dallas & Co., a 140-year-old barn on UI property, the International Space Station, ownership of the Ribeye, all about the AirLife helicopter and whether a million electric vehicles will create a power shortage.