With technology going places only previously seen in the movies, we asked three professors: What’s the one AI-related innovation that might seem far-fetched now but could become reality by the turn of the decade?

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What’s in a name? At least half of the brand names in tech and consumer electronics bear no relation to the people or companies who founded them.

Sometimes a splash of serendipity is needed for an innovative idea to become a reality. This was certainly the case for Joel Stebbins, F.C. Brown and Jakob Kunz when they collaborated to create the photoelectric photometer.

Semi-retired after 24 years as a professor of environmental chemistry from the University of Illinois, Richard A. Larson decided to write a murder mystery novel that he feels more accurately portrays scientists’ lives as, well, people.

As in the old Gershwin song “You say tomahto, I say tomayto,” you may call the device that fosters internet connectivity a “rauter” or a “rooter,” but don’t turn it off. Nearly everyone with an internet connection uses a router, although you can connect at a single fixed location directly to…

'I worry that these latest betrayals of trust will lead another generation to conclude that our world will forever remain neither just nor fair if you are born Black. I do not want senseless deaths to be further compounded by a wholesale theft of hope and optimism.'

You can take it with you. Ever improving technology offers a variety of portable computing options from jumbo smartphones to tablets to a range of Windows and Mac laptops. Each fills a niche as our needs for communication and computing vary.

Normally, we reserve this space for the latest whizbang technologies and devices. Today, we veer to how this gear reaches you. Neighbors create community. Local merchants enrich our community, and they are your neighbors. In an era when big box stores obliterate local merchants, three locall…

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a good number of Rudy Frasca’s family and friends were unable to attend the innovator’s funeral Tuesday. Afterward, however, everyone had the chance to see what made him so proud of the company he built.