CHAMPAIGN — The former News-Gazette building in downtown Champaign is reopening this weekend for an open house as its new owners explore how to turn the 109-year-old building into an innovation center.

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"I grew up in the city of Jaipur, in India. It’s nestled among 350-million-year-old hills and has tremendous architecture dating from the ‘new’ city of around 1700 AD to today’s post-modernist steel and glass buildings. Nothing really resembles that in C-U."

I’m fully booked. My social calendar remains open, but my bookcases are packed like the rush hour Dan Ryan Expressway. Books are a passion, and we buy them faster than we can read them.

With technology going places only previously seen in the movies, we asked three professors: What’s the one AI-related innovation that might seem far-fetched now but could become reality by the turn of the decade?

What’s in a name? At least half of the brand names in tech and consumer electronics bear no relation to the people or companies who founded them.