Editor Jeff D’Alessio’s weekly chat with a local boss about leadership, management style and more. This week: The dean of the University of Illinois Gies College of Business.

CES should stand for Completely Excited Senses, rather than Consumer Electronics Show, which on Friday wrapped up its annual stay in Las Vegas. Somewhere around 150,000 attendees experienced sensory overload, beyond sight and sound. During the past few years one could mistake CES for the Las…

William C. Jackson, who holds two UI degrees in mechanical engineering and is the former administrator of a division of Johnson Controls, which makes building-safety products, began working Monday. UI Trustees will formally vote on his $414,000-a-year appointment Jan. 16.

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Staff writer Julie Wurth chats with the UI senior, biology researcher and recipient of the Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award, given annually to one student at each four-year college in the state.

We said bye-bye to Burnham Mansion, the late Great Impasta and those funky eclipse glasses, and welcome to the 44th president, the Pride Parade and a Pesotum farm-playing Luke Bryan. As the clock winds down on the 2010s — and the countdown continues to a new Costco in Champaign, a casino in Danville and A/C at last throughout Central High School

Staff writer Paul Wood chats with the manager of the UI's Indoor Climate Research and Training program, which does weatherization training and studies energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Black Friday and its sibling Cyber Monday barrel toward us like an early-season snowstorm. Every year I urge caution before lining up at the big box store in the middle of the night or by the dawn’s early light. Similarly, be very careful about rapidly clicking on what appears to be a great …

Staff writer Paul Wood talks with the UI mechanical science and engineering professor who collaborated with MIT Professor Sangbae Kim to develop Little HERMES, a bipedal robot designed to go places that humans dare not.

Staff writer Paul Wood chats with the founder of Mechanodontics (now Brius), a UI Cozad 2019 Grand Prize Winner that 'straightens teeth without the use of braces and aligners,' according to a profile in The New York Times.