Always look your best from the waist up when working or socializing online. That means not merely dressing appropriately, but using the best possible webcam. The last column highlighted online software to facilitate personal and business connections over the internet. Here’s the hardware to …

Epivara, a start-up venture at the University of Illinois Research Park, has been awarded a $250,000 National Science Foundation grant to continue research and development for its first product.

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The sensors will measure different atmospheric conditions such as temperature, nitrogen dioxide and ozone, as well as images and audio to calculate traffic counts and “ambient sound intensity,” according to a memo from city staff.

The stars are aligned for Illinois to become a hot spot in the revival of manufacturing across our great American Heartland. For example, I propose a really big, transformative, federal-state-private sector partnership that would create a cutting-edge, computer chip manufacturing and researc…

Among the Pakistan-born, Purdue-educated professor's favorite stops: Bardeen Quad, Japan House, KoFusion and Engineering Hall, where in 2019 he remembers hearing that the Grainger Foundation "wanted to make a transformational naming gift to our college."

Astronaut Mike Hopkins answered questions from local grade schoolers, engineering students, current football players and alumni for about 25 minutes, before Athletic Director Josh Whitman wrapped it up with a celestial “I-L-L.”

Ahead of a two-day virtual open house that kicks off Friday, Beckman Institute Director and two-degree UI grad Jeff Moore takes us for a guided tour of some of his favorite spaces and places on and around campus.

Last month, three robotic missions launched from different countries reached Mars, including the first successful missions sent by China and the United Arab Emirates.