The Kramers: Amit, Karen, Itamar, Noam and Stav.

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The Kramer family of Urbana has bumped up their Thanksgiving meal to Wednesday so they can spend the holiday helping others.

Mom, Dad and the three kids plan to volunteer at one of the area’s longest and most uplifting Thanksgiving events, a free dinner at Urbana High School (5 to 7 p.m. Thursday at 1002 S. Race St.). It’s “for anyone in the community who doesn’t have a place to eat or can’t afford to eat,” Urbana High senior Stav Kramer said.

That’s the way it’s been for 49 years, with Student Senate and adult volunteers opening the high school’s doors for hundreds in need. The food — and company — is fabulous.

Now Student Senate president, Stav has volunteered all four years in high school. She’ll be joined by younger siblings Itamar (6) and Noam (14), her parents, Amit and Karen, and dozens of other students and community members who don’t mind giving up their holidays.

“It’s worth it,” Stav said. “It’s so nice to see how happy everyone is, how everyone is so nice to each other.”

It’s not too late to help the kids foot the bill. If you’re interested in donating, mail a check to Urbana High School (1002 S. Race St.) in care of Student Senate.

Or stop by Thursday and pitch in with dishes.