There has been little ice and snow cover so far this winter, but we got a nice coating of ice last weekend. While gardeners, businesses, parks and others with landscaping near walkways must apply de-icing salts for safety, they can harm plants.

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Beaver in Champaign! Plus electrical switchgear in an unusual location, noise levels in the State Farm Center, (fake) palm trees in CRCE, flashing yellow turn lights in Urbana, a 110-year-old stained glass piece in a Champaign bank, and another warm, wet year.

The cold has returned again this year, and hot drinks are a great way to keep warm. Adding whipped cream can be a little extra sweet treat and is often fun to squirt from a can.

Make sure your holiday preparations keep pet safety in mind. Dr. Ashley Mitek, a veterinarian at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, offers tips to prevent accidents and injuries that could dampen the holiday spirit.

“We have a responsibility to utilize our own resources, expertise and experience to help reduce or prevent community violence,” he said in an email addressed to UI students, faculty and staff on Wednesday.

'If shooters can hear from kids in third, fourth, fifth grade who say, ‘Man, I’m scared to go outside and play,’ maybe it’ll touch a heart. We need to let kids be kids.'

Evergreen foliage has long been a traditional holiday decoration since it encapsulates the green of the growing season well beyond the first frosts. The holiday season is an excellent time to practice your evergreen tree identification on the many non-natives that are so plentiful at retail …

URBANA — The Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant, which has been on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana for more than a half-century, has announced that it won’t be reopening after winter break, as hoped, due to pandemic-related losses.

"In my wildest dreams, I can imagine a version of sculptor Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) — in Chicago’s Millennium Park — somewhere either in or near the Quad that could become a new tourist destination, offering fantastic photo ops for students, faculty, local residents and visitors alike."