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The University of Illinois has reported its second-best fundraising year to date, with gifts and other pledges totaling $462.9 million during the fiscal year that ended June 30.

The UI also announced Friday that its current fundraising campaign has brought in $2.35 billion, three-quarters of the way toward its $3.1 billion goal.

The figures were shared at the annual business meeting of the UI Foundation, part of Foundation Weekend at the Urbana campus.

Last year’s record total of $498.5 million was buoyed by the $150 million gift from alumni Larry and Beth Gies to the Gies College of Business. The UI had publicly launched its fundraising campaign in fall 2017, and it’s scheduled to run until fall 2022.

The $2.35 billion reflects the UI System-wide total, which includes three separate campaigns at the Urbana, Chicago and Springfield campuses.

Urbana has raised $1.79 billion toward its $2.25 billion goal, or nearly 80 percent.

Chicago has raised about $500 million, or two-thirds of its target, and Springfield has brought in $31.4 million, or 78.5 percent.

Of the new commitments in fiscal 2019, 62 percent came from UI alumni ($134.1 million) and family foundations ($150.8 million). The remainder were from corporations ($55.6 million), individuals ($54.4 million), foundations ($24.4 million) and other ($42.6 million), according to the foundation’s financial report.

The foundation took in $298.7 million in outright cash gifts or payments from previous pledges, annuities and estate distributions. That was also the second-highest total to date, trailing last year’s mark by $4 million.

Most of the money was designated for specific uses: $75.8 million for research, $46.7 million for student support, $25.2 million for facilities, $23.9 million for academic programs, $11.8 million for public service, $11.2 million for faculty support and $4.4 million for other areas. And $99.7 million was donated for unrestricted use to a university, college, department or program, at the discretion of the dean or unit head.

The majority — $206.4 million or nearly 69 percent — is to be used during the current fiscal year. Of the rest, 30 percent will go to the endowment and 1 percent to annuity/life income funds.

The combined endowment held by the university and the foundation now totals $2.82 billion, up from $2.73 billion last year.

UI President Tim Killeen said he was grateful for donors’ generosity.

“We will reward their trust, using their investment to build on the momentum that is increasing our power as an engine of progress making our system a model for higher education in the 21st century,” Killeen said.


Julie Wurth is a reporter covering the University of Illinois at The News-Gazette. Her email is, and you can follow her on Twitter (@jawurth).