#Mailbag sneak peek | Tuscola outlet mall: 27 stores, no plans for a hotel


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Tom's Mailbag publishes at 2 p.m. Friday (). A sample of what's to come:

"Find out which stores are closing at the Tuscola Outlet Shops this year. The mall owners want to put a hotel where the mall is instead. If true, a hotel for what?"

In December, News-Gazette reporter Ben Zigterman counted 30 stores at the mall. There are 27 now. Among the losses: Reebok, Nike and J. Crew. Another store, The Sports Den, is having a closing sale.

The outlet mall is no different than the rest of the nation's wobbly and evolving retail sector.

But as for a hotel on the property? Nope.

"We are not looking to put a hotel on the site," said Elliot S. Nassim, president of Mason Asset Management, the New York firm that bought the outlet mall in December 2017. Mason owns about 100 malls across the country, according to Reuters.

Tuscola City Administrator J. Drew Hoel also was skeptical of the hotel idea.

"We have not heard anything to that effect, and I seriously doubt that it would even be feasible to repurpose the existing structures in that manner," Hoel said. "The new owners intend to continue to operate the mall in the same fashion as always."


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