PC Nguyen theft charge

Duy 'Edward' Nguyen, 24, of Chicago, formerly of Urbana, arraigned Monday, Aug. 19, 2019, on six counts filed against him about a year ago alleging that he was part of a 'continuing financial crimes enterprise' for allegedly using debit- and credit-card information from customers at a business he used to work at to make a variety of personal purchases.

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URBANA — A second man has been arrested for allegedly using credit- and debit-card information he stole from customers at the southwest Champaign business he worked at to make a variety of purchases, including computer equipment and Uber rides.

Duy “Edward” Nguyen, 24, of Chicago, formerly of Urbana, was arraigned Monday on six counts filed against him about a year ago alleging that he was part of a “continuing financial crimes enterprise,” a Class 1 felony carrying penalties upon conviction ranging from probation to four to 15 years in prison.

He was also charged with five counts of unlawful use of a forged credit or debit card. The warrant for his arrest had been signed Aug. 3, 2018.

Assistant State’s Attorney Joel Fletcher said Nguyen was the roommate of Brian Hua, 23, who pleaded guilty in May 2018 to continuing financial crimes enterprise and was sentenced to two years of probation and 50 hours of public service and ordered to repay almost $6,000.

Fletcher said Hua was employed at the Walgreens at 2402 Village Green Place, and in that job had access to credit- and debit-card information of pharmacy customers.

He and Nguyen allegedly used that information in 2017 to make online purchases for such items as camera equipment, a Macbook Air laptop, Uber rides and food.

Fletcher said the scheme came to light when the two men, who formerly lived in the 600 block of West Main Street in Urbana, reportedly had a falling out. To spite Hua, in mid-May 2017, Nguyen allegedly sent an anonymous text to one of the victims, tipping her to the illegal activity and including a photo printout of her internal Walgreens customer account.

She went to Champaign police, who began investigating. Fletcher said at least 10 victims were identified.

Hua was charged first in August 2017 and his case was resolved when he pleaded guilty in May 2018.

Nguyen’s charges followed in August 2018.

He’s due back in court for a probable-cause hearing on Aug. 29.

Neither man had any prior criminal convictions, Fletcher said.


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