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Bryant Fritz proposes to longtime girlfriend Krystal Moya on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show. The two started dating while students at Eastern Illinois. ‘We met at coffee shop on open mic night in college,’ Moya said. ‘He was singing and he was shy. He thought I was pretty.’

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CHAMPAIGN — If all goes as planned, Champaign’s Bryant Fritz hopes to become the official owner of the puppy he rescued from Kaufman Lake by week’s end.

During his debut on national television Wednesday, the Next Generation science teacher received more good news.

During a Wednesday appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Fritz and his girlfriend of 11 years — Krystal Moya — recounted the story of him saving a caged ‘Dory’ from frigid waters while out fishing two Saturdays ago.

The audience cheered when he broke the news that he was about to get to bring the dog home.

And then DeGeneres shifted the conversation to the happy couple of 11 years, asking: “Will you get married?”

A teary-eyed Fritz took it from there, dropping to his knees as he popped the question.

“We had a dog named Ozzie that passed away a couple years ago and I had always planned on doing this with him, and I never really got the chance. And it just feels right now. Krystal, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met and I would like to ask you ... Will you be the mother to our Dory, will you be my wife and will you marry me?”

The answer was a yes.

DeGeneres, as she often does with do-gooders, rewarded the couple handsomely, sending them home with a red wagon full of toys from her own pet line and $25,000.