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URBANA — Champaign County property tax bills are going to be mailed even later than projected.

The new tentative tax date for tax bills to be mailed is May 28, eight days later than the last tentative date, according to county Treasurer Laurel Prussing.

The further delay is intended to give taxing districts enough time to review their extensions and rates and take up any issues with the county clerk's office.

It's a long, complicated process that was already delayed because the state Department of Revenue provided the county's multiplier later than usual, Prussing said.

The state gave the county a multiplier of "1" last month. The county multiplier is determined by the state each year to assure that equalized assessed values of properties are in line with 33.3 percent of fair market value.

The delay in tax bills means property owners will have longer before the first installment payments are due. If tax bills are mailed on May 28, the first installment will likely be due June 28, according to Prussing.

In most Illinois counties, tax bills that are mailed later than May 1 are considered to be late.