Notes-Worthy: Renee Angelah


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C.U. Bands and Fans' Terry Brown chats with WEFT host Renee Angelah:

How long have you been hosting your show on WEFT? And tell us what it is about.

Six years ago, I began my journey as a 90.1-FM WEFT Champaign airshifter, producing a show entitled SoulFull: Music, News and Views that make your Soul Full, which is a part of the Morning Menu strip programming from 6-9 weekday mornings. My show airs live on Thursdays, mixing music, news and review sound bytes, as well as interviews on a wide array of topics stemming from authors to alternative health to spirituality.

You are the mother of a very popular book author, "Alex James." Alex is unique because she has autism. What has this been like to not only deal with autism but allow Alex to be who she is and create and write and blaze her own trail at such a young age?

I must say that raising and educating a child on the spectrum has been the most profound experience I have ever shared with an individual. Alex has taught me patience, perseverance, ambition, authenticity and the power of love and forgiveness. She has taught me to hold tight onto your dreams no matter who or what gets in the way, and trust me we have had our share of arguments over schoolwork and her destiny, but we have figured out together the balance between learning and creating. It is this balance that has allowed her to grow intellectually while also staying true to herself and her craft, which is writing.

You have something very special coming up for another show. Tell us what the plans are, the name of the show and what direction the new show will be taking.

Ah, yes, I am very honored to be allowed to produce two new talk shows along with Urbana Public Television (UPTV6). The first show I will be producing as well as hosting is "WE Chat." It will be taking the avenue of daytime talk shows of "The View" and "The Talk" but myself and co-hosts will focus more on issues and stories that concern the everyday individual, community and world at large. I will also be producing We Chat's junior show, "Teen Chat," which will feature my daughter and her friends as hosts to discuss the issues and stories that affect teens today. Both shows serve as an opportunity for voices to be heard and bringing attention to topics that may not always get exposure, so look for the lineup to be added to UPTV6 in June!