Janet Rayfield, set to begin her 20th season as coach for the University of Illinois’ women’s soccer team, is in line for a contract extension.

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Among the items on a packed agenda that UI trustees are expected to sign off at today’s meeting:

Establishing a UI liaison office in India’s capital, New Delhi, and a branch office in the city of Bengaluru.

The rationale for the moves, which have the blessing of President Tim Killeen: “The University of Illinois has extensive interactions and engagements in India. India is a major source of international students for University of Illinois campuses. Many University of Illinois alumni have been highly successful in India. There are numerous opportunities for growth in all these areas.”

Extending Tracy Sulkin’s term as dean of the College of Media by two years, through Aug. 15, 2023, at an annual salary of $229,515 plus an annual administrative increment of $35,000.

Extending the contracts of two Illini head coaches — men’s tennis’ Brad Dancer through Aug. 15, 2025, during which time his salary will increase from $200,000 to $255,000, and women’s soccer’s Janet Rayfield through Jan. 31, 2026, with a salary scheduled to climb from $185,000 in 2021-22 to $205,000 in Year 5.

Approving the three-year contracts of men’s basketball coach Brad Underwood’s two new assistant coaches — Tim Anderson at a salary of $425,000 and Geoff Alexander at $350,000.

Adding 20,373 square feet of space to the Vet Med Small Animal Clinic Oncology Center at a total cost of $15 million.

Establishing a new bachelor’s of science degree in astrophysics (students interested in the field have been double majoring in astronomy and physics) and two new master’s degrees — one in health administration, the other in predictive analytics and risk management.

Appointing seven department heads: Melissa Bowles (Spanish and Portuguese), Michael Donohoe (Accountancy), Craig Lundstrom (Geology), Robert Markley (English), Hedda Meadan (Special Education), Junaid Rana (Asian American Studies) and Robert Schooley (Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences).

Also set to add to their job titles, pending trustees’ approval: directors Peter Mortensen (Center for Writing Studies) and Renee Trilling (Program in Medieval Studies) and chairs Mimi Nguyen (Gender and Women’s Studies), Dana Rabin (History) and Angharad Valdivia (Latina/Latino Studies).

Appointing three Office of the Provost team members: Bill Bernhard (Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs), Andrea Hoey (Associate Provost for Budget and Financial Analysis) and Kathy Martensen (Associate Provost for Educational Programs and Success Initiatives).


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