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In Part 15 of our UI-at-150 series: a trip down memory lane with a former Saturday Night Live cast member, Google's VP of engineering, a Forbes 30-under-30 honoree and a Texas power couple.


He's a best-selling author, Texas pastor and host of the "Andrew Farley Live!" national call-in show on SiriusXM Radio.

She's a ... well, let's let ANDREW FARLEY (Ph.D. '00) tell it.

"It was a Friday night. I was new to the campus and looking for friends. So I decided to try the Graduate InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

"As I exited the elevator onto the third floor of the Illini Union building, I could hear a crowd down the hall talking and laughing. By the time I entered the meeting room, everything had quieted down. A woman named KATHARINE HAYHOE (MS '97, Ph.D. '10) called the gathering to order.

"From the start, I found Katharine to be intriguing. Her clothing, her peculiar Canadian accent and her unusually cheerful demeanor — it all announced to me that she was different.

"Right after the event that evening, Katharine walked to the back of the room and introduced herself. Then I married her.

"Never mind the years of convincing her that I would be better for her than her boyfriend back home in Toronto. And never mind the part where we were just friends for what seemed like an eternity. Let's get to the great part.

"We married on a lake in Ontario, and she turned out to be a world-class scientist and a world-class person. Literally. (In 2014), Katharine was named one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.

"And I eat breakfast with her.

"So I guess here's the takeaway: If you're single and searching, skip those online dating services and just head straight for the University of Illinois. It's there you'll find a world-class partner for life."


Long before she was selected as the sixth-most-powerful woman in engineering by Business Insider last year, Google VP ANNA PATTERSON (Ph.D. '98) was a grad-student DJ at WEFT (90.1 on your FM dial).

"I did a weekly radio broadcast called 'Industrial Revolution,' which was not educational, but played industrial dance music. My slot moved around, so I did get complaints about dance music being played from 6 to 9 a.m. on a weekday."


Before he'd check in at No. 123 in Rolling Stone's ranking of all 145 "Saturday Night Live" cast members, PAUL BRITTAIN (BS '00) admits to spending "way too many nights at Bub's at Third and Green." Recalls the comedian you may remember as Lord Cecil Wyndemere, the childlike 48-year-old, and "Sex Ed" Vincent from 2010-12 on SNL: "I lived a few blocks away, had lots of friends who bartended there, and may have had a beer or two there in my time on campus.

"They had something on the menu called the 'garbage pizza,' an idiotic affair that was essentially a cheese pizza with smashed up Doritos, hot sauce and iceberg lettuce chucked on top. It was stupid. It was the best. Bub's is dead. Long live Bub's."