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The leaders of Illinois Futbol Club have spent months planning this weekend's 195-team IFC Spring Invite, and a few weeks ago, they finally produced a schedule.

This week, they had to completely remake that schedule.

With the constant rain over the last few days, the University of Illinois fields at the intersection of Florida and Lincoln avenues, where they planned on holding many of the games, were unplayable. So it was back to the drawing board.

"The schedule was out two and a half weeks ago," Illinois FC assistant director of coaching Rosalee Edsall said, "and I basically spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday redoing the schedule."

Games will still be held at the turf fields on campus in addition to the turf fields at Judah Christian School and Centennial and Urbana high schools. The total number of field space available was reduced from 22 to eight.

The younger teams who play on smaller fields will still play all of their games, including group stage and playoff matches, albeit on a shortened timeframe.

"Basically, we ended up cramming them in," Edsall said. "For the younger ages, we only ended up losing two fields, so we had to cut down the amount of time that they played for and the time slots that they played in, and we were able to keep all of their games plus their playoffs."

The older players who play on bigger fields weren't quite so lucky. While they'll still play their guaranteed three group stage games, they won't get to take part in championships, with the winners awarded based on points.

They're lucky they have the fields available to play the tournament, which hosts about 2,500 players, at all. While Urbana's turf field has been around since 2011, Judah Christian's Field of Dreams Complex was only erected four years ago, and the turf at Centennial was only laid last summer.

"It's definitely helped this year having eight turf fields available in Champaign and Urbana to allow us to actually still run the tournament," Edsall said, "because without that, we would have had to cancel the tournament and only had our high school tournament."