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SAVOY — Residents are getting a second chance to give their opinions to village officials about allowing sales of recreational marijuana in the village.

There weren’t any public comments made at the first opportunity, at a planning commission meeting in late August. The second opportunity will be during a village board study session at 7 p.m. Sept. 11 at the Robert C. McCleary Municipal Center, 611 N. Dunlap Ave.

It’s a chance for people to express whatever concerns they have, according to Village President Joan Dykstra.

Regardless of where licensed facilities selling marijuana will be located, adults in Illinois will still be legally entitled to use it for recreational purposes come Jan. 1.

Savoy officials have yet to discuss potential revenue impacts from a marijuana business within village boundaries, Dykstra said.

“The first goal is to find out if we’re even entertaining any thought about having any facility, and after that there would be a discussion about what the revenue would be,” she said.

There’s already a medical-cannabis dispensary a bit north of the village limits — Phoenix Botanical, 1704 S. Neil St., C.

Illinois recently awarded the first five recreational-cannabis dispensary licenses, all to medical-cannabis dispensaries, in Mundelein, Joliet, Naperville, Effingham and Canton.