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The scene at Sunnyside in Champaign on Jan. 1.

The early verdict on legalized marijuana in Illinois: People sure seem to like it.

While sales have slowed a bit since Day 1 — and some dispensaries have shut down for a day here and there to restock their supplies and recharge their employees — it’s remained a bustling business for the state, according to 12-day sales figures released Monday:

Jan. 1$3,176,256.7177,128
Jan. 2$2,252,586.5156,762
Jan. 3$2,209,065.0155,161
Jan. 4$2,004,019.4351,174
Jan. 5$1,189,252.1830,954
Jan. 6$796,005.7120,303
Jan. 7$1,251,626.9131,560
Jan. 8$1,314,924.1733,270
Jan. 9$1,334,605.1333,683
Jan. 10$1,689,682.7342,822
Jan. 11$1,617,198.6441,033
Jan. 12$874,121.9721,535