“When I ran for governor four years ago, I could not have imagined that I would end up leading the state through a global pandemic. Look, I may not have gotten every decision right. But at every step along the way I followed the science and focused on protecting the lives and livelihoods of the people of Illinois.”

“This past legislative session demonstrated true ethics reform is not a priority,” Carol Pope wrote. “The (Legislative Inspector General) has no real power to effect change or shine a light on ethics violations. The position is essentially a paper tiger.”

The Latest

With the state-imposed moratorium on residential evictions set to expire Aug. 1, the Illinois Supreme Court announced a plan that provides an additional one-month “triage” period for tenants and landlords in certain cases to seek rental assistance.

Pritzker: “For all the naysayers that always seem to bad-talk the state of Illinois, few other states can say that they have an annual commitment shared across both sides of the aisle to hash out how to make health care access for millions of Illinoisans who rely on Medicaid even better.”

The nation’s high court ruled against Philadelphia, which refused to renew a contract for foster care services with Catholic Social Services, arguing that its refusal to place children in the homes of unmarried and same-sex couples violated a non-discrimination clause.

People targeted by a campaign robocall from former Gov. Bruce Rauner since his first campaign in 2014 will be eligible to earn a portion of a $1 million settlement agreement that was reached in a class-action case.

Illinois lawmakers could take up a bill later this month that would restore voting rights to convicted offenders serving time in county jails or state or federal prisons, according to the bill's House sponsor, Chicago Rep. La Shawn Ford.

The group spoke at Colbert Park on the south side of Old Church Road, the street that is the dividing line that splits Savoy between two different legislative districts, a situation that will continue under the map awaiting Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s approval.