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CHICAGO (AP) — A man who spent about 26 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit is suing the city of Chicago and its police department for wrongful conviction.

A Cook County judge in 2018 overturned the murder conviction of Arnold Day, who said he was beaten and choked into confessing to a 1990 murder by a notorious squad of Chicago detectives led by former police Cmdr. Jon Burge. Day walked out of prison last December after prosecutors agreed not to seek to retry him in the slaying of Jerrod Erving.

In announcing the federal lawsuit Tuesday, attorney Jon Loevy said Burge's squad picked on people like Day who couldn't withstand coercive interrogations and psychological intimidation.

The 46-year-old Day, who now lives in Texas, says he's seeking "justice" and "accountability."

A spokesman for Chicago's law department declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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