Big Ten Network digital producer Alex Roux, a Champaign Central and University of Illinois graduate, poses for a photo Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019, during the network's stop on the UI campus.

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Big Ten Network’s tour of conference campuses worked out well for Alex Roux. The BTN digital producer got to come home.

Roux, a Champaign Central and Illinois graduate, is in his third year at the network. Wednesday’s stop in Champaign gave Roux a chance to see his parents, grandparents and younger brother, who is a sophomore at Illinois.

“I hadn’t been back for an overnight stay since Christmas,” Roux said.

Because Roux is a townie, others at BTN asked him for restaurant suggestions in C-U.

“Getting Black Dog has been the tradition since I’ve been on the bus,” Roux said. The bus stopped on the way out of town Wednesday night.

Illinois was the 13th stop on the tour, which ended Thursday at Northwestern. What’s been the highlight?

“Stopping in Madison, Wis., this year,” he said. “We don’t generally get to stay there for a night. It was the first time in a long time that the tour didn’t head straight to Minnesota from Wisconsin. We got a night there, and it happened to be a really nice day. I got to run out to the lake, do a lap around the capital area. It was a perfect summer day.”

Another highlight: his grandpa Don Roux getting to take a brief ride on the bus.

“He tracked down Gerry DiNardo in the lobby of the I Hotel,” Roux said. “DiNardo invited him on the bus. Not everyone can say they got to ride the bus.”

Roux, a former News-Gazette intern, started his BTN career as a freelancer. Soon, he was hired full time.

His day-to-day duties include maintaining and building BTN’s social-media efforts. He interacts with announcers, the media and athletes. He is in charge of the network’s only full-time podcast and creates in-house content, and he helps decide what content to use from games.

Roux is a busy 25-year-old. Not that he is complaining.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Roux said. “A blast. I would say I am lucky to be where I am.”

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College football: Florida vs. Miami, 6 p.m., ESPN

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