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The hope is that CAROL VOREL's latest podcast, story and video will lead police to the culprit who robbed the same Urbana bank twice in 2016.

It's a change of direction for News-Gazette Media's longtime reporter, whose previous six "Cold Cases" projects dealt with unsolved murders. One of her efforts — on the 2017 shooting of Gus Edwards — was cited by police as leading to a suspect's arrest.

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For Sunday's podcast, Vorel interviewed bank employees and the Urbana detective who is still chasing leads. The video above shows the suspect slipping on a mask before entering First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust with a gun in his hand.

"The video is chilling," Vorel said. "Very frightening. It's hard to imagine being at the other end of a gun with a robber who might get set off and start shooting. That's what these people dealt with."

No one was hurt in either robbery.

The investigation "is stuck," Vorel said. "This guy is disguised from the top of his head to his shoes. But I think if somebody knows him, they'll recognize him by watching the video and looking at pictures."

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