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Becky Mead and her family enjoyed weaving through the first Urbana Amble Front Yard Garden and Art Tour so much that this year, they decided to make their yard a part of the fun.

Their display was made to mimic a worldwide art installation started by Yoko Ono, called Wish Tree, in which a tree is planted and community members are invited to hang wishes from the branches. Mead and her adult children gathered branches from around the neighborhood, painted them and put them in the ground to look like a tree. Viewers at the Urbana Amble were then asked to write down their wishes and tie them to the tree.

“My family wanted to make something interactive,” Mead said. “My kids and I had read about wishing trees and thought it would be fun to make one.”

Dozens of messages were tied to the tree for last weekend’s Amble.

“It has been fantastic,” Mead said. “We’ve had a lot of messages about coming out of the pandemic and coming together as a community. About wanting to see family members or about future generations. We’ve had wonderful messages from kids hoping for no mosquitos and more cake, a robot, and a wish for fireworks.”

People were still stringing wishes to the tree in the days after the show, totaling more than 100.

“It’s been a good thing during a really tough year,” Mead said.

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