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Kris Fitzpatrick Champaign County Crime Stoppers meeting

Kris Fitzpatrick at the annual Champaign County Crime Stoppers meeting Thursday, July 11, 2019, in Savoy.

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Thanks to Kris Fitzpatrick, Crime Stoppers of Champaign County will continue to provide financial assistance to area teens interested in a career in law enforcement.

When funding for the annual Youth Scholarship dried up this year, Fitzpatrick stepped up. As a result, Unity High senior Abbie Charleston — headed to Parkland College to study criminal justice — received $1,000 at Thursday’s annual Crime Stoppers meeting in Savoy.

“It was the right thing to do at the right time,” said Fitzpatrick, retired after 34 years in law enforcement.

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Fitzpatrick never hesitated in opening her checkbook, viewing the scholarship as a way to introduce the younger set to a profession she loves. The length of her commitment — five years — makes her behind-the-scenes gesture even more impressive.

“The last thing she wants is any sort of recognition,” Crime Stoppers board President John Hecker said. “Her action has proven to be a godsend.”