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One of the first things I did on Thursday morning was check how the Stanley Cup Finals played out in the pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Boston Globe.

I can't help it, I'm a newspaper junkie. And I love to see how newspapers play up big events.

I've always loved seeing fans and players holding up the paper after a championship is won.

One of my favorite nights working at The News-Gazette was the night the Cubs won the World Series — as a Cardinals fan, imagine how hard that is for me to admit. We grabbed papers as they rolled off the presses and handed them out to fans still celebrating in downtown Champaign. Even joined in on a few renditions of "Go Cubs Go" — really.

At News-Gazette Media, we have a treasure trove of old pages — every page since October 2001 — that can be reprinted.

So, if you or a loved one was in the paper — or you want to relive a big moment from years past (the Illini's Elite Eight comeback win against Arizona, for instance) — we can print a commemorative page. The reprints are printed on heavy card stock, so they're made to last and are great for framing.

Interested? The cost is $50 apiece (additional copies are $2). For obituaries, reprints cost $35 apiece ($1 for each additional copy).

A form is available at the front desk of our downtown Champaign offices, or you can contact Briana Floyd at 217-351-5600.

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