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University of Illinois President Tim Killeen

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URBANA — University of Illinois President Tim Killeen is in line for another performance bonus after his annual review by UI trustees next week.

The agenda for Thursday’s board meeting in Urbana includes an item to approve “pay for performance compensation” for the UI president.

Killeen’s $600,000 annual salary has remained unchanged since he became president in 2015, but he is eligible for a $100,000 annual performance incentive based on goals set with the board.

He received the full $100,000 in each of the past three years, though at his request, a $250,000 retention bonus he would have received after five years was removed from his contract in 2015.

UI spokesman Tom Hardy said details of this year’s performance bonus won’t be released until after the board’s closed session Thursday morning, which is held before the public meeting. Trustees will presumably review Killeen’s performance at the closed meeting.

The board decided several years ago to tie a portion of the president’s total pay to performance based on mutually agreed-upon goals.

The goals have been tied to the university’s strategic plan, including teaching innovation, diversity and inclusion, global engagement, infrastructure needs, public outreach, innovation and entrepreneurship, public-private research partnerships, economic development, connections with other educational institutions, affordability, and financial health.

Last year, the board’s evaluation praised initiatives such as the Discovery Partners Institute, the UI Chicago’s acquisition of John Marshall Law School and the Carle Illinois College of Medicine in Urbana.

It also praised Killeen’s efforts on diversity and inclusion but stressed that more work was needed, again calling it a “top priority.” Trustees also called for additional efforts to reduce administrative costs, more support for scholarships, an aggressive marketing strategy and funding for deferred maintenance, which the new state budget provided.

Thursday’s agenda also includes an unspecified increase in compensation for UI Chicago Chancellor Michael Amiridis, who currently earns $484,500 a year. His $75,000 performance pay was folded into his salary in 2017, and he is no longer eligible for annual bonuses, bringing his contract terms in line with the chancellors at the other two campuses.

Urbana Chancellor Robert Jones' salary is $661,980.


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