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UPDATE, 1:34 p.m.:

CHAMPAIGN — Parkland College on North Mattis Avenue in Champaign remains closed after someone directed a threat to an employee of the nearby Illinois WorkNet Center.

The college sent an alert to stakeholders shortly after 10 a.m. Friday, and at the same time evacuated the building at 1307 North Mattis.

Parkland spokeswoman Stephanie Stuart said the threat occurred off-site but was directed toward a WorkNet Center employee. Specifics on the threat were not available.  But, Stuart said no one was hurt, and no one has been arrested.

The Parkland campus on North Mattis houses employees in areas including community education and health care.

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Original story, published 10:32 a.m. Friday:

CHAMPAIGN — Parkland College has evacuated its building and sent employees home as a result of an "employee altercation" at the nearby Illinois WorkNet Center.

College spokeswoman Stephanie Stuart said no one was apparently hurt in the incident.

Parkland and Champaign police and the Champaign County Sheriff's Office are at the scene trying to sort out details.

The college sent out an emergency alert shortly after 10 a.m. saying it was dealing with a "critical incident" and had locked down its building.

Stuart said the altercation was actually on the south side of the building, which houses the Regional Planning Commission. There was no threat to the main campus of the college.

Stuart said Parkland employees, including community education and health professions staffers, were sent home for the day.


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