Urbana school district Burkholder Center

The Urbana school district's Jean F. Burkholder Administrative Service Center is shown in December 2018 at 205 N. Race St., U.

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URBANA — With school well underway in Urbana and students across the district settled at their desks, the school board did its part Tuesday by approving a budget.

The board voted 5-0 to approve the first budget under new Superintendent Jennifer Ivory-Tatum.

According to Chief Financial Officer Carol Baker, the 2019-20 budget calls for a little over $86 million in revenue and about $76.5 million in expenses.

Ordinarily, that would result in a surplus of more than $9.7 million.

However, more than $8.4 million of the listed income is actually tax revenue received late from the county treasurer’s office that otherwise would have been attributed to last year’s budget.

When that revenue is taken into account, Baker said, the school district’s real surplus becomes a little less than $1.3 million.

“We were wondering how things were going to go with the tax situation,” Ivory-Tatum said. “It will be a weird year for us this year, but we will be back on track with all the monies being in place next year.”

The budget assumes the Consumer Price Index will increase by 1.9 percent and Urbana will see $6 million in growth from new construction.

Also, the 2019-20 school year will be the first year with the school district’s new food service contractor, Arbor Management. Use of that provider is projected to save the district approximately $153,000.

The budget includes a 3 percent salary increase for certified teachers and a 4 percent raise for support staff, part of a one-year negotiated agreement with the Urbana Education Association.

According to Baker, 50 percent of Facility Sales Tax revenue will go to pay-as-you-go projects, and the other half will be used to finance long-term debt.

Other details in the budget:

The school district’s portion of the indoor aquatic center’s financial loss is $210,605.

The Operations and Maintenance budget includes $100,000 for property acquisitions at the Urbana Middle School/High School campus.

The Life Safety budget includes $170,000 for the Urbana Middle School roof and $712,000 for the Urbana High School roof.

And, in other business, Laura Abbott was hired as the new girls basketball coach at Urbana Middle School.

Also, Laura Koritz, David Dutton, Mark Foley and Taryn Smith, all at Urbana High School, were each selected by Voya Financial Advisors Inc. for one of 100 $2,000 Voya Unsung Heroes grants, which are awarded to K-12 educators nationwide to honor their innovative teaching methods.