Vermilion County Board picks new chairman as 4 more departures loom


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DANVILLE — The Vermilion County Board unanimously approved Republican members' choice for a new chairman Tuesday night.

The board voted 21-0, with six members absent, to elect member Larry Baughn, a Hoopeston Republican, as chairman. He'll succeed Mike Marron, who resigned just before being sworn in Friday to finish the remainder of the term of former state Rep. Chad Hays, R-Catlin. Marron is a candidate for the 104th District seat in November.

The board will soon fill four openings in addition to Marron's seat.

Set to leave:

— Democrat Cari West-Monson of Danville, District 7.

— Democrat Chad Turner of rural Danville, District 5.

— Democrat Frank Hoskins of Danville, District 9.

— Republican Todd Johnson of Hoopeston, District 1.