CHAMPAIGN — Andy White is set to make a splash in his first art show since moving to Champaign-Urbana nearly three years ago.

The sculptor will be among roughly 90 local artists as part of the Boneyard Arts Festival at 119 E. University Ave., C.

“The sculpture stuff for me started out because I’m kind of a pack rat and I kind of like things that are personal and old and have a history to them,” White said.

“Being able to take pieces of my life that have some kind of meaning and transform them into some other kind of object that I could appreciate or other people could appreciate or attach meaning to or whatever like that was kind of really invigorating.”

White’s sculptures — some of which depict owls and other birds in a rustic style — will occupy a space near the front wall of the venue’s second story.

“I get really interested or fascinated, I guess, by the history of objects and the stories that they tell from the scratches and the rust and everything else,” White said.

“I see a lot of parallels with, like, human memories, you know, and how you keep them and save them and treasure them or discard them, and what kind of energy you attach to them and what kind of energy you put into maintaining them.”

Some of his pieces might find new homes. He’s also brought along some of his favorite pieces that he doesn’t intend on selling.

Sales alone won’t quantify a successful debut in the C-U art community.

“For me it’s kind of introducing myself to the community and hoping that I can meet some people who are into what I’m doing,” White said. “And that I can open some doors for some mutually beneficial relationships in the future and get to know what the landscape is here.”