In disclosing that she will not personally file a legal challenge to county Clerk Aaron Ammons’ refusal to accept her election filing papers, Marisol Hughes said litigation is needed to settle the issue of whether Maryam Ar-Raheem or Carol Ammons is the party chairwoman.

The intra-party feud over control of the Champaign County Democratic Party has reached its high-water mark — at least so far — now that the two rival factions each have slated their own candidates to run for county treasurer.

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How much value is there in wearing masks? Is an individual who has the virus but is asymptomatic contagious? Was Gov. J.B.  Pritzker's lockdown really worth the devastating economic costs that have been and will be paid? There are lots of opinions, but no undisputed answers for the time being.

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Owner Steve Suderman, whose store was first shut down by the coronavirus pandemic and then hit by looters, said he feels a little bit like Job, the biblical character forced to suffer at length. But he predicted that things will slowly get better.

We are in a decisive moment. In some sense, we’ve been inexorably moving toward this time and place since the Ferguson Uprising. However, we’re not at the proverbial crossroad. We took a right turn toward fascism four years ago. What this time represents is a moment in which we can turn back…

I am picturing a judges meeting about five months ago as we embarked on a new calendar year. Undoubtedly, the usual topics were discussed. Based on my former participation in such meetings, I suspect the judges and related court officials reviewed the plans for the possible interruption of o…