While it's unclear when the Illinois Supreme Court will address the issue of car searches in an era of legal possession of small amounts of marijuana, the Colorado Supreme Court has already concluded that 'the odor of marijuana is suggestive of criminal activity.'

Although unimpressed with Paul Frye's style, a three-judge panel dismissed a sex-discrimination lawsuit that former players filed against Frye and other school officials for his use of 'crude and vulgar' language in motivating his players.

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U.S. Supreme Court opinions are the judicial equivalent of thunderbolts hurled down from Mt. Olympus — fiery missives that can land just about anywhere with significant consequences. Ten days ago, one hit a Champaign County courtroom.

This time of year is known for the making of New Year’s resolutions. I admit that I have never been big on this concept. It is not because I fail to recognize the need for taking stock and committing to self-improvement. I just do not want to limit the process to January.

Different from Lake Wobegon, where all the youngsters are above average, most downstate Illinois schools perform below the statewide averages on achievement tests. I write not to criticize, but to evaluate, and to explore what might be done to boost achievement.