In the end, a state appeals court threw out a lawsuit, delivered an informative lecture on 'negligence' legal theories regarding a homeowner's duty to protect visitors and, for good measure, issued a timely warning about how not to cut down a tree limb.

In Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix stand-up special, “Sticks & Stones,” the comedian challenges America’s “gun love” culture. Chappelle observes, “I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I don’t see any peaceful way to disarm America’s whites.” I share Chappelle’s perspective.

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If past was prologue, a group of ambitious Republicans in the 15th District would have been lining up to announce their candidacies for a relatively rare open U.S. House seat. But a funny thing has happened — virtually nothing.

Election Day 2020 is more than a year away. Nevertheless, the race for the White House is already getting plenty of attention. In fact, it does not need more from today’s column.

It’s one thing for hyper-politicized campus types and enabling administrators to jump off the deep end over an offensive display. But it’s quite another when our elected officials, in this case State’s Attorney Julia Rietz, go over the edge with them in a way that plays to the crowd.

If Judge Patrick O'Shea had been more forthcoming at the beginning, he wouldn't be sweating bullets over his future at the end. Or, to put it another way, anyone can have an accident, but lying to police is no accident.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti's motion alleges that he has information about how the shoe company pursues its business by attaching itself financially to young stars, steering them to college programs it sponsors and then signing them to endorsement contracts once they go pro.

The powerful Illinois House speaker is celebrating last week's decision by a federal judge to dismiss a civil-rights lawsuit filed against him for manipulating the outcome of his 2016 primary election by placing two phony candidates on the ballot to draw vote from his real opponent, Jason Gonzales.

As a self-described “old country boy” and student of African-American folk culture, Malcolm X regularly discussed the plight of black people through animal metaphors. His preferred animal metaphor was the fox and wolf. Malcolm developed his imagery from the sociohistorical context of his you…

WASHINGTON — In a trade war, as in a real one, people are wounded by friendly fire from their side. Consider some casualties in Donald Trump’s “easy to win” — his promise — trade war. Begin with the company whose green machines bear the name of the blacksmith who, in the 1830s in Grand Detou…

Roget’s Thesaurus defines “momentous” as meaning “so critically decisive as to affect the future.” Which makes the term particularly apt for describing the upcoming general election slated for November of 2020. And not just because voters will have the opportunity to reject a president who u…

Lamar Dawson sued the PAC-12 Conference and the NCAA for back wages, but the court found that he was not employed by the defendants, because they are regulators who set the rules that universities and athletes are supposed to follow.