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Jay Simpson on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

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Coming up how we came up, we never understood the power of a vote. We were always taught that our vote didn’t matter or wouldn’t count.

I’ve spent most of my adulthood with that same mindset, but over the past few years, I’ve matured and realized that’s nonsense. Every vote counts.

I encourage everyone to vote now more than ever. I’m not the brightest apple on the tree when it comes to politics and things of that nature, but I can definitely see the obvious.

I believe that if things stay the way they are, that will be opening the doors for a lot more brutal acts like the Kenosha shooting, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

People committing these crimes feel as if they can do whatever they want without any serious consequences because of the man currently running our country.

True colors have come out since he’s been in office, and racial injustices seem to be occurring much more often.

Although we don’t have the best candidates to choose from, I believe this country deserves a different route. My people don’t feel safe with him in office because he gives a certain group of people the confidence to do things they would never do without him as their leader.

Some folks worship the ground the man walks on. I personally think he’s in it for mainly entertainment purposes only and not to really run a country.

That is why we need everyone to vote, so we can get someone serious in office. Not someone who trolls on Twitter all day.

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