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I’ve observed for some time that one of the kindest actions people can take is to talk with family members or friends about how we would like them to handle our deaths. When a close family member or friend passes without having his wishes known, it places an additional burden on others.

Many people are, at best, uncomfortable with the thought of having such a conversation, and often choose to avoid it altogether.

We have the opportunity this Sunday (Nov. 3) to hear an expert with extensive experience on this topic. Josh Slocum, executive director of the national Funeral Consumers Alliance, South Barrington, Vermont, will be in our community and present “Yes, You Can! Overcoming Self-Sabotage in Funeral Planning” at 2 p.m. at the Champaign Public Library, 200 W. Green St., Champaign.

Everyone is welcome to join the conversation. The talk is free, as part of the annual meeting of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Champaign County. There is more information on this and related topics, including a chart with price comparisons for local funeral directors and cemeteries at