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It seems that every couple I know has a story to tell about buying their first home. My daughter, Colleen, has a heartwarming tale about buying her first home last week.

Within 48 hours of the state's stay-at-home order, I had many younger volunteers calling up wanting to do whatever they could to protect local older adults. They responded to this threat by jumping in and saying, "Let me protect our most vulnerable." It was just amazing.

That morning, I’d gotten up earlier than usual, pulled on a pair of bib overalls and fastened the galluses over a blue chambray shirt. Then I’d gone to the kitchen for a bowl of Wheaties with sliced bananas — a dash of sugar sprinkled over each slice — and covered in thick cream.

A cousin was excited about his new job with Zoom after it opened a Denver office in 2016. Family congratulated him, despite that the idea of a video communications company seemed rather silly to some of us.

The feds are circling Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan in a bribery investigation involving utility giant Commonwealth Edison. His allies are facing indictments. Members of his party are publicly demanding his ouster as party chair, and they have the votes to deny him another term as Hous…

'The phone won’t pee on the floor (again), drink out of the toilet or barf up nasty piles of grass. Yes, the answer is an easy one: I’ll take my dog any day over my phone — unless I am waiting for my daughter’s COVID-19 results,' Jill Pyrz writes.

"Let’s stop the shaming and the name-calling and allow everyone the right to their own political views without fear of retribution," Champaign's Peggy Prichard writes in a guest column. "Let’s listen to each other without judgment. That is not just my hope as a proud Republican woman. That is my hope as a proud American."

Except for his clean-shaven face, he was exactly the kind and shape of man I imagined Santa Claus to be. He was a jolly man, always had a twinkle in his eyes, a smile on his face and a funny story on the tip of his tongue. He loved kids, though he had none of his own.

"Recognizing and working against racism has become a worldwide movement that our African American friends, neighbors and family members have long hoped for. ... This movement will not, and should not, go away," write the Spiritual Assemblies of the Bahá'ís of Champaign and Urbana and the Bahá'í Community of Mahomet.