"The Democrats, not Trump, have divided America. Their extreme hatred of Trump has blinded attempts to collaborate and compromise for fear of giving him any recognition. They chose a path of confrontation, not cooperation."

Continuing a conversation we’ve hosted since June, The News-Gazette asked African American community members to share their stories and solutions in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

Dannel McCollum’s recent N-G commentary suggests, among other budget re-allocations, defunding the Department of Defense. While I agree that America is threatened by climate change and from within, I disagree that foreign adversaries do not pose significant threats.

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'We can and will get there. I know it. But first we have to be willing to accept our current flaws and our racist past, learn from them, and then move on as one, a better, stronger, more united nation.'

In 1965, my mother was raising three children on her own and looking to buy a home. She found one for $18,000 in the western suburbs of Chicago. But working one full-time job and a second part-time job wasn’t enough for the bank to give her a mortgage. She needed a man to co-sign her loan.

'While I have not actively participated in political rallies and marches, I use my skills and talents to motivate women to rise above obstacles that hinder their progress by offering empowerment retreats and participation in anthology book projects.'

'Let’s live, let’s kick fear to the curb, let’s love without limits, let’s become change agents by reaching out to those who need love. Let’s keep fighting with our voice, and not with our hands.'

'The history of Black culture, inventors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists is not accurately taught to everyone in school, and the racial divide begins there.'

With the Ruth Bader Ginsburg tributes still pouring in — and the debate over who will succeed her already underway — we invited back UI Law Professor Jason Mazzone to put the late Supreme Court justice's legacy in perspective.

Even when things start to sound better, regular working folks can’t seem to catch a break. For instance, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, jobs grew last month — by some 1.4 million. Which sounds great, except most of that growth was comprised of temporary census …

'Black people have to be ​more than ​a runner to get home safely. We have to be more than a tireless EMT to have a safe night’s rest in our beds. We have to be more than compliant to go home to our girls after being questioned by the police.'