University Group Chairman Dan Hamelberg poses outside its Midtown Plaza complex Wednesday on First Street in Champaign.

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The News-Gazette editorial board’s endorsement of Joe Biden was no surprise. The liberal trend is spotted every day on page A-3, with the Associated Press articles. It sets the tone.

The Oct. 11 editorial described President Donald Trump as “bombastic ... offensive ... obnoxious.” We knew this four years ago. Trump was a known quantity before the 2016 election. America voted for change. What one says may be superficial, but what one does reveals true intent.

Despite the left’s attempts to preserve the “swamp,” Trump has had a remarkable number of achievements in the last 3½ years. Before COVID-19, we saw median household income at its highest levels and the lowest unemployment rates across all categories.

Other accomplishments include tax reform, deregulation, oil and gas independence, more military funding, Veterans Affairs Department reform, recognizing Jerusalem, Mideast peace treaties, USMCA trade reform, being tough on China and terrorists, border protection, justice reform and being nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes, to name a few.

The Democrats, not Trump, have divided America. Their extreme hatred of Trump has blinded attempts to collaborate and compromise for fear of giving him any recognition. They chose a path of confrontation, not cooperation.

Meanwhile, Trump chose to “Make America Great.” The Democrats wasted the last 3½ years with failed efforts to remove Trump from office when they should have elected to work on legislation to improve America. They divided the country, and then blamed Trump.

Almost everything now is blamed on Trump, including COVID-19. The CDC, the WHO and many health experts have switched positions frequently. Wear masks, don’t wear masks. Stay in, go out. Get tested, don’t get tested.

Trump has reacted to all the changes. He shut down foreign travel, sent medical ships to New York and Los Angeles and created a distribution network for personal protective equipment and ventilators. Without intervention, the early prediction was for over 2 million fatalities. Now, we have some 210,000 fatalities and a decreasing number of hospitalizations. Regrettable, to be sure, but 1.8 million fewer than predicted. Trump did something, and is still criticized for his “glass is half full” approach. A vaccine and therapeutics will soon put this disease in the rear-view mirror.

A Biden presidency would result in higher taxes, more business regulations, less border restrictions, the elimination of fossil-fuel products, higher medical costs, loss of jobs and more socialism in government. His Cabinet would include those from U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s squad and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ far-left liberals.

No more fracking means no more energy independence and more reliance on foreign oil. Say goodbye to $2-a-gallon gas. For a better preview, look at Democratic-controlled cities and states. Police defunding, high crime rates, no bail for criminals, protest riots, less property rights and more outward migration. Good luck.

You may not like his tone and tweets, but look to Trump’s accomplishments. The tweets might be less if mainstream media offered fair coverage.

Our best chance for a robust recovery after COVID-19 is with Trump. Once again, he will promote a better America, not more taxes and over-regulation. Budget deficits will eventually decline in a steady environment of low taxes and less regulations.

A reflection of Biden’s 47-year career reveals few highlights. Other than his family enrichment opportunities while in office, try naming a few.

The Democrats never recognized the 2016 election. It’s time to keep democracy strong and work together for America.

Trump for president in 2020.

Champaign developer Dan Hamelberg

is chairman of The University Group.

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