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I am writing this letter to address the recent news regarding the superintendent of Gifford Grade School.

It has come to light that Mr. Rod Grimsley falsified reports to the state regarding active shooter drills in the Gifford Grade School, drills that did not take place. In doing so, he also included names on the reports of people who did not give consent.

This is heinous in light of the fact that there have been almost daily school shootings in the U.S. this month, most recently this week in Kentucky.

As a superintendent, Mr. Grimsley has failed as a school leader by not taking the safety of his students and staff seriously.

This lack of judgment is absolutely unacceptable, but more disturbing is the Gifford school board taking a lackadaisical stand on Mr. Grimsley's behavior.

It begs the question: Does it take a school shooting for this group to get focused on what is important for the well-being of their children and staff?

"Gifford Strong" is a logo that the community adheres to proudly after surviving and rebuilding the city from the devastating tornado some years back.

As a community, it is imperative that you come together and send a strong message to your school board and Mr. Grimsley that your children, and the adults that teach them and care for them each day while in the school setting, deserve better decision makers.

"Gifford Strong should also mean "Gifford Safe."

Signing off on false reports shows a lack of consciousness, a lack of awareness, and a lack of caring for the population that Mr. Grimsley is responsible for. This is an act of utter disregard which cannot and should not be swept under the carpet. Accountability is in question.

Jane Cade lives in Weldon.