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It is often said that all persons are created as equals, but yet there those advocating a graduated income tax with people with higher income paying a greater tax and, now in effect, a higher tax on tobacco products, on liquid energy and various other sources.

It’s often asserted that all persons are created as equals. It could be argued therefore that any new or increased tax be applied to all taxpayers, not just smokers or those driving a vehicle.

If legislators wish to please their constituents with increased spending, they should tax all persons equally, not singly targeting specific units.

If legislators had any common sense, they would live within current income to circumvent any tax increase or an increase in debt. As of now, legislators at all levels of government have shown no common sense.

In November of 2020, go to the polls and vote for non-incumbents to do the drain. Simple! This is the way to have “fair taxes.”