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Equal representation is at the heart of good government. But in this country, the more populous states are under-represented in the U.S. Senate (and in the Electoral College). Illinois has 4 percent of the population of the country but only 2 percent of the senators. At the extremes, the population of California is 69 times that of Wyoming, yet each has two senators.

I propose a move toward equalization that would keep the total number of senators at the present level of 100 and leave each state with at least one senator. This can be accomplished by giving the 17 most populous states three senators each and reducing the 17 least populous states to one senator each, with the middle 16 states each remaining at two senators. Illinois would gain one senator. The most obvious result of such a change would be that the selection of judges (and justices) would better represent the choice of the people of this country.

The problem with the Electoral College can be resolved by changing the presidential election to the popular vote.