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Mike Cornwell on July 6 took issue with The News-Gazette over a statement in a July 1 commentary about the majority of Americans disliking Donald Trump.

Cornwell seems to think that this opinion is political propaganda and thus should not have been printed (even in commentary?).

I would suggest that this position is a result of consuming one of the pro-Trump news silos.These days, there are so many possible sources of news that if one consumes only those channels that contain news that one likes without checking on the credibility of the information or the source, one can end up with very peculiar, contra-factual beliefs … like something as silly as believing that the Mueller report exonerates Trump.

I suggest that Cornwell check some reputable polling sources like Five Thirty Eight’s polling compilation at or the polling average at Real Clear Politics at

Both show Trump at a bit over a 10-point negative on approval/disapproval with a majority disapproving. Moreover, the details from which the averages derive are provided.

It is dangerous to form your opinion based on a single poll, especially when it comes from a source with a known historical bias like Rasmussen.