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Rebecca Terhark obviously has misconceptions regarding the Democratic Party. Her recent letter stated that “abortion is a core tenet of the Democrats platform.”

Abortion isn’t a core tenet of the Democratic Party, rather choice is an important plank. Democrats don’t believe that abortion is a first-hand remedy for a woman who finds herself pregnant, which, of course, didn’t happen by herself.

However, often a man who impregnates a woman doesn’t stay around, then a woman is faced with how to support an unplanned child when she’s already just scraping by.

Should others impose their beliefs upon a woman who must now find the money, energy and affection to nurture a child she can’t afford, support or love? Such a decision should be up to the woman, her conscience and God.

Terhark also throws in much-loaded language, images and references to religion. However, again, she is misguided. This country is based on separation of church and state, so one can choose how to worship rather than being forced by the state or other people, who may be well-intentioned but nevertheless are trying to make others live according to their beliefs.

I was neutral on the subject before reading the book “Abortion Rap” by Schulder and Kennedy while in college. Abortion is always going to be with us, whether legal or illegal. In fact, a girl from Danville died from an illegal abortion back in the ’60s. Do we really want to bring such days back?