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For those who believe that a casino should be in the downtown area, now is the time to talk with your two ward aldermen, today.

There is a very small window of opportunity to reverse the secretive steering committee’s preference of placing the location near Interstate 74 off Lynch Road.

Such a remote location would deprive the city of much of the potential multiplier effect with other nearby businesses, minimizing the financial benefit to the city in general.

This incredulous decision, led by our own Vermilion County Economic Development Corporation, defies logic and seems to serve only one obvious conclusion, skating on their obligation to keep in the forefront the best economic interests of all of Danville, not just the east end’s industrial park and its owners.

Developing the facility in the central business district will bring visitors into the heart of the city and will better fulfill what city fathers have called for over decades — doing it in Danville.

Many nearby casinos — Peoria, Evansville and many others are not right on the interstates, and downtown Danville is less than three minutes off of I-74.

If you have a view on this, please call or e-mail your preferences to your elected aldermen and women. They need to hear from you.

These are the people who should be making these decisions, not an unelected committee meeting in secret and avoiding public scrutiny.