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Democrats have proven, once again, that they lack the mental capacity to govern.

Democrats do not want a girl 20 years and 364 days old to smoke cigarettes, because cigarettes are not healthy. Democrats want that girl, one day later, to smoke all the marijuana she can, because marijuana is, they say, healthy and they can tax it.

Democrats cannot find the time to read nor understand the proposed laws upon which they vote to approve. Democrats cannot understand how a provision that greatly increases their salaries just happened to be in a bill that they approved.

Democrats cannot find the money to pay the debts to vendors who provide goods and services to the state. Democrats can find the money to pay homage to their king, $40 million for two schools in House Speaker Michael Madigan’s district, $50 million to his wife’s Illinois Arts Council.

Democrats believe that an unborn child must not have individual rights under the law.

People are permanently leaving Illinois by the tens of thousands, business and manufacturing plants are closing or not even thinking of Illinois as a location.

The Democrats’ answer is taxes, taxes and more taxes.

Raise taxes, don’t pay your bills, place the money in your pockets equals mental incapacity.