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I applaud the recent letters condemning anti-semitism. For too long have Democrats been complicit with the rampant Jew hatred in its party.

Just this year, Democratic presidential nominees lined up to kiss Al Sharpton’s ring. Sharpton captured fame inciting a four-day, anti-semitic riot that left 184 people injured and two dead in Crown Heights, N.Y., in 1991. Sadly, “Jew bashings’’ are still frequent there, but like other hate crimes, ignored because of racial components.

The “Squads’’ documented anti-semitism aside. Seven sitting congressional Democrats have openly endorsed or have direct ties to vile, Jew-hating racist Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan’s known for praising Hitler and preaching “I’m not an anti-semite,I’m anti-termite.”

Echoing Farrakhan, alternative reality columnist for the critical thinking incapable, Leonard Pitts, recently dehumanized Jewish conservative Arthur Schwartz and Jewish-run “Breitbart News’’ journalists as “termites.’.

According to, Deb Feinen’s new “diversity’’ hire Ahmed Taha has his own documented anti-semitic hatred.

This hate speech has to stop. Democrats’ “concentration camps’’ rhetoric alone has inspired five terror attacks against immigration facilities.

While the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter Greg Bowers didn’t specifically cite Democrats in his manifesto, he did share in their hatred of President Trump, calling him a “Jew-loving Zionist pejorative.”

According to his social media accounts, Dayton shooter Connor Betts is a left-wing extremist and “Antifa’’ supporter. According to his manifesto, El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius was an anti-immigrant socialist who accurately predicted the blame Trump “fake news’’ response, along with the selective outrage, indignation and willful ignorance we’ve read in so many letters.